Hotel Harvest ITO

Hotel Harvest Ito is a perfect base accomodation to access to the sea, mountains and highlands. This authentic resort hotel is located in the Ito hot spring area, one of the most popular hot springs in Japan that supplies 34 thousand liters of natural hot spring water per a minute. There are many old shrines and temples founded in Kamakura period, along with other numerous sightseeing destinations.
Decored in warm, comfortable earth tones, it's a perfect place for your restful stay.
The hotel has two restaurants: one serves modern Chinese cuisine, and the other is a Japansese dining that features fresh and local seafood. Both restaurants offers health?conscious menues.
Pool with the Ito city view on the top floor. Large hot spring baths with an on?site source of hot natural mineral water. You can see the spectacular landscape of Amagi mountains along Sagami Bay.