The interior of our guest room is in a soft tone of gray and creates a calm atmosphere. You will see extraordinary views of the Izu peninsula, Mt. Fuji and Amagi mountains.

Open the window, and capture the lights and breezes... our guest room is airy and spacious, with a pleasant decor and big windows. In addition to to Bed rooms and Japanese rooms, we also have Bed&tatami rooms that combines the relaxing space with functionality. Families can comfortably stay in our big Family suites.

Room Type Area(m²) Guests per Room Rate per Room
Standard 30~44m² 4 ¥37,800~58,800
Standard(Bed&tatami) 40~43m² 4 ¥37,800~58,800
Standard(Japanese room) 38~42m² 4 ¥37,800~58,800
Deluxe(Bed&tatami) 58~68m² 6 ¥47,250~73,500
※When the maximum capacity is used.