Two Hot Springs

Spacious indoor bath is filled with hot spring water from Shin-Ubako source. The water is clear and has a velvety texture.
Nigori-yu, naturally cloudy, mineral-rich hot spring water, is supplied to the bath from Owakudani source. There are 3 types of bathtubs.
Each bathrooms has its own sauna room. A dry sauna room is adjoined to West bathroom, and a mist sauna to the East.
It is a private bathroom with a Nigoriyu-filled bathtub and an open terrace.
Enjoy your personal, intimate time.
After a refreshing bath time, take some rest at this lounge or the terrace, looking over the hotel's garden.
Located on the east side of the garden path, this is a nice place to have a quick refreshment.
To the library while enjoying the floor finished up by "Hitting carving". Please time when for quiet time to be spent and use it for meeting etc.