Tatami room, bed room, hot spring bath, terrace(66m²)

Hardwood floor, Ryukyu-tatami room and separated bed room. Hot spring bath with breathtaking view. This room defines luxury.
Tatami room, bed room, hot spring bath, terrace(69m²)

Ryukyu-tatami room, living room with sofa, and separated bed room. Three rooms together create a comfortable refinement.
Bed room, hot spring bath, terrace(61m²)

This room has separation between the living and sleeping areas. Either day or night, it gives you an optimum convenience.
Bed room, hot spring bath, terrace(56m²)

The room's large terrace lets you stretch out in abundant sunshine. The grand nature is just next to you.
Bed room, hot spring bath, terrace(64m²)

Calm interior in a tranquil space, and our signature hot springs -- These as one unity invite you to a quality time.
Bed room, hot spring bath, terrace(65m²)

Enjoy a quiet, peaceful time in this spacious studio room. It's a perfect place for reading your favorite books or write to your beloved one.
Bed room, terrace(51m²)

All of our guest rooms have the Bose CD player. You can bring your favorite CDs and listen to them in this quiet space.
Bed room, terrace(50m²)

In this airy, comfortable room, let yourself relax and have the ultimate luxury to do nothing.
Room Type Area(m²) Number of Rooms Guests per Room Rate per Room
Standard 50~51m² 2 2 ¥30,000~70,000
Deluxe(Bed room) 56~65m² 4 2 ¥45,000~85,000
Deluxe(Bed&tatami) 66~69m² 2 2~5 ¥60,000~100,000
※All prices indicated are subject to change according seasons.
※Please note that we do not take requests for room types.