Hotel Harvest KYOTO

Located just diagonally across from the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Hotel Harvest Kyoto boasts its ultimate convenience in exploring not only the hub of Kyoto and also suburb sightseeing places in Sagano, Arashiyama and Higashiyama. With sophistication and a classic atmosphere, we offer the most sincere welcome to our guests.
The hotel is the one and only city resort among the Harvest Club hotels. Each guest room has an airy space with a calm decor, which makes your stay luxuriously comfortable.
As the ancient capital in Japan, Kyoto is your destination to taste the first class Ryotei delicacies.
The hotel has a truly convenient location -- on Karasuma-dori, which runs through the center of Kyoto city, and just diagonally across from Kyoto Imperial Palace. As you enter the hotel, you will notice a pleasant scent of burnt incense. The interior of the hotel has a calm and serene decor, giving you a peaceful atmosphere.