Soak up some local culture and atmosphere by visiting these nearby attractions, famous meseums, histric sites and nature destinations.

Hours 10:00~18:00(Junuary-June, November, December) ~19:00(July and October) ~20:00(September) ~21:00(August)
Tel 0267-42-5211 (Karuizawa Prince Hotel)
Recommend Over 120 shops of famous foreign brands and popular domestic brands.

Kyu-karu Ginza

Tel Karuizawa Kanko Kaikan:0267-42-5538
Recommend Popular street among tourists as well as people who have vacation homes in nearby areas.

Shiraito Falls

Tel Kanazawa Town Commerce-industry and Tourist section:0267-45-8579
Recommend An elegant waterfall as its name Shiraito - "white threads".
※Toll highway: \300
Hours 8:00~17:00 7:00~18:00(May-September)
Tel 0279-86-4141
Recommend Open everyday from May through September
An enormous lava field formed by the eruption of Mt. Asama. One of the three unusual spots in the world.
Hours 9:00~17:00 Closed 12/28~1/4
Tel 0267-42-7072
Recommend An wooden, authentic Western style hotel built in Meiji 38 (1905). A national designated Important Cultural Property.
※Admission tickets valid for access to 7 houses available.
Kyu Mikasa Kaikan \700/adult \350/child

Kumoba Pond

Tel Kanazawa Town Commerce-industry and Tourist section:0267-42-5538
Recommend Also known as Swan Lake, because many swans fly over to this lake in winter. The circumference of the pond: approximately 1 km.
Hours 9:00~17:00 Open 365 days
Tel 0267-46-6161
Recommend A man-made lake with a circumference of 1 km. Surrounded by museums and attractions.

Lake New Town (Japanese Site)

Tel 0267-48-1611
Recommend Resort town with a man-made lake which resembles Lac Leman in Switzland, vacation houses, a variety of shops and sports facilities.
Hours 9:00~16:30
Tel Chapel:0267-42-4740
Recommend Alexander Croft Shaw built his house and chapel, and helped Karuizawa to be a cosmopolitan summer getaway. The chapel is open for public.
Hours 7:00~18:00
Tel 0267-42-2429
Recommend Built in Showa 10 (1935), the church remains unchanged over time, and has been a symbol of Karuizawa.

Karuizawa Toy Kingdom (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:30~16:30
on Sat, Sun, Holidays, Golden week, and during summer season.
Tel 0279-86-3515
Recommend A theme park supported by Japanese and foreign toy makers with an amusement park, and a toy pavilion. Offers fun events everyday.
※The park sells "Dream ticket", which includes an admission fee and tickets for an unlimited ride pass.
\2700/adult \2400/child
Hours 10:00~17:00 during Golden week / summer
Tel 0267-42-2639
Recommend A very unique, peculiar architecture designed by Wakita himself. An adjacent cafe is open for tea.
Hours 10:00~19:00 ~20:00 in August
Closed from mid November till late April
Tel 0267-42-0880
Recommend Displays over 70 glass arts from Art Nouveau period in 1800's to the contemporary world. The museum's original goods are sold at its souvenir shop.
Hours 9:30~17:30 Open 4/14~7/3,7/18~11/11
Tel 0267-32-0288
Recommend Holds annually themed exhibitions where visitors can admire numerous modern European artworks.
※The admission includes a brewery tour and a wine tasting.

Tasaki Museum of Art (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~17:00 Open from April till mid December
Closed on Wednesdays
Tel 0267-45-1186
Recommend Displays works of Hirosuke Tasaki, who painted mountains in Japan. His Mt. Asama paintings are widely honored. Holds annual exhibitions of its permanent collection.

Karuizawa Skate Center (Japanese Site)

Hours Variations on opening hours for different facilities.
Tel 0267-46-1111
Recommend Visitors can enjoy ice skating, bowling, snowboarding and tennis as well as hot spring.
Hours 9:30~17:00 Differs according seasons
Closed on Tuesdays
Tel 0267-48-2009
Recommend Displays traditional handmade wooden toys from the Erz region of Germany.
*Sells passes valid for this museum and Karuizawa Museum of Picture Books.
\1000/adult \700/junior high or high school student \500/elementary school student
Hours 9:30~17:00 Open from March till mid January
Closed on Tuesdays
Tel 0267-48-3340
Recommend Numerous European picture books and original pictures are on display. Visitors can also read many of those picture books.
※Sells passes valid for this museum and Erzgebirge Toys Museum of Karuizawa.
\1000/adult \700/junior high or high school student \500/elementary school student

Karuizawa Trick Art Museum

Hours 10:00~18:00 9:00~19:00(July-September) 10:00~17:00(January-March)
Tel 0267-42-1480
Recommend Visitors can see and touch the artworks, and take pictures of them.
*Parking fees will apply during summer.
Hours From mid March through late December
Open everyday during the above period
Tel 0267-48-3337
Recommend Has 1500 varieties of plants from 150 species. Many are exclusive to this garden.

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