Welcome to the highland resort ?? Each well?appointed guest room has a casual, mountain lodge-style decor.

Wether in our simple and cozy Standard room or spacious Family suites, you will definitely have a peaceful, relaxing vacation. Each room's decor is done in soft and light colors to provide a comfortable atmosphere. We also have wheelchair accessible rooms.

Room Type Area(m²) Guests per Room Rate per Room
ExtraTwin(Bed room) 28m² 3 ¥22,500~53,000
Standard 39m² 4 ¥30,000~60,500
Standard(Bed&tatami) 38~40m² 5 ¥37,500~70,500
Standard 35m² 5 ¥37,500~70,500
※We have wheelchair accessible rooms.
※Connecting rooms available.