Soak up some local culture and atmosphere by visiting these nearby attractions, famous meseums, histric sites and nature destinations.

Recommend The town of Shinano is located in the northern part of Nagano prefecture. Amid its majestic nature, this is a perfect place to appreciate the seasons in Japan. You can also enjoy plenty of winter sports. The town's tourist association has the portal website that introduces abundant charms of Shinanomachi.
Hours 9:00~17:00
Closed from November through mid March, the last days of May, June, September and October.
Recommend Exhibit the fossils of Naumann Elephan from Jomon times. Also introduce the lives of ancient people in the area.
Recommend At Kurohime Farm, visitors can try our butter and ice cream making. Trout fisiht is another enjoyment. In late summer, visit Kurohime Cosmos Garden to see the new blooms.
Hours 9:00~17:0
Open from March 20 through November, everyday in April, July, August and September. In other months, closed on the last day of the month.
Recommend A museum of children folk stories and fairy tales. Exhibits works of Michael Ende, one of the most famous German authors ("Momo" and "The Never Ending Story"), and his personal documents.

Myoko Sunshine Land (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~17:00
Open everyday from mid April till mid November
Recommend In this leisure land, everybody can enjoy numerous thrilling attractions including Reverse Bungee jumping (Bungee Rocket). In spring, Sakura blossoms covers nearby mountains.

Madarao Kogen (Japanese Site)

Recommend Enjoy tea time at Madarao Art Museum of Children Books. Watch wild flowers as you walk through Numanohara wetland. A boat ride on Lake Kibo provides a soothing experience.
Hours 9:30~18:00
Closed on Tuesdays and exhibition preparation periods.
Recommend Displays original pictures of European children books, as well as holds periodical exhibitions. The warm atmosphere of this museum reminds you of your childhood.

Yamabiko-no-Oka Koen (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~17:00
Open from early April till early November
Opening and closing dates are subject to change.
Recommend Located in Kijimadaira. In each season, different flowers from over 800 varieties come into full bloom.

Tanaka Honke Museum (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~17:00 (April-November)
9:30~16:30 (December-March)
Closed on Tuesdays, days after holidays, Year-end & New Year holidays
Recommend The estate of Tanaka family, who was one of the most powerful merchant families in Nagano, has been renovated into the museum. Displays the family's collection and holds several exhibitions.

Obuse Town (Japanese Site)

Recommend Small Japanese houses and warehouses line in this small town and create an intimate atmosphere. Join in Kita-Shinano Museum Tour, which introduces thirty museums in Obuse including Hokusai Museum.

Hokusai Museum (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~17:00
9:30-16:30 (December-February)
Closed on Year-end & New Year holidays
Recommend This museum showcases Hokusai's brush paintings of his later years. which display distinctive techniques and styly that his Ukiyoe and Manga do not have.

City of Suzaka (Japanese Site)

Recommend Old warehouses, numerous sakura viwing spots, waterfalls, museums...these are just some of this city's charms.

Zenkoji (Japanese Site)

Recommend At Nakamise, the passage to the temple where numerous small souvenir shops and eateries line, you can try some Nagano's regional foods. Famous for Shichimi chill pepper. Experience the temple's special tour Okaidan Meguri, or Tour in the Pitch Dark Tunnel.

Higashiyama Kaii Gallery (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~17:00
Wednesdays (Open if Wednesday falls on a national holiday)
Year-End and New Year (December 29-January 1)
Other occasions as necessary
Recommend Houses works of the famous Japanese master artist Higashiyama Kaiji. Best known for landscape paintings that display mystical beauty of the nature.

Togakushi Kogen (Japanese Site)

Recommend Famous for soba noodle. Kids can enjoy in Ninja-mura (Ninja village). Visit Okusha Shrine via ceder tree-lined path, watching wild flowers and birds.

Togakushi Ninja Village (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~17:00
Open from late April till mid November
Recommend The origin of Togakushi Ninpo (ninja techniques). Visitors can experience Shuriken throwing and secret mechanisms in ninja houses.

Anzu-no-Sato Agri Park (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~18:00 Open 365 days
Recommend Numerous Anzu (apricot) trees bloom in spring. Visitors can enjoy strawberry picking from January through June.

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