Soak up some local culture and atmosphere by visiting these nearby attractions, famous meseums, histric sites and nature destinations.

Hours 9:00~18:00 (~17:00 from October through March)
Tel 0287-76-7111
Recommend A pipe organ and music box concert is held hourly. These musical instruments come in harmony, and create rich and fullbody sounds.

Nasu Alpaca Farm (Japanese Site)

Hours 10:00~16:00
Tel 03-3982-5813
Recommend Seen on TV commercials! Cute, cuddly and adorable "Iyashikei" animal.

Nasu Garden Outlet (Japanese Site)

Hours 10:00~19:00
Tel 0287-65-4999
Recommend Enjoy nature, play with animals, and shop. It's a perfect place for families. Shttles are available between the outlet and Nasu Shiobara station.

Nasu Kokusai Coutry Club (Japanese Site)

Tel 0287-76-2800
Recommend Play in this spectacular golf course, just next to the hotel!
Hours ahead for hours of operation
Tel 0287-77-2300
Recommend A perfect ski resort during winter months. Pure white Goyo Tsutsuj is in bloom in May and June.

Nasu Highland Park (Japanese Site)

Hours Operation hours change throughout the year.
Tel 0287-78-1150
Recommend Amusement park surrounded by a magnificent Nasu nature.

Emile Galle Museum (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~18:00 (~17:00 during winter months)
Tel 0287-78-6030
Recommend The museum features works by Emile Galle, one of the major forces in the French Art Nouveau movement. Its special Middle Age European atmosphere is also worth a visit.
Hours 8:30~16:00 (seasonal operation)
Tel 0287-76-2449
Recommend Just a 4?minute ride of this aerial tramway takes you up to the 9th Station of Chausu peak of Mt. Nasu complex volcano. It offers a magnificent view of Nasu highland, which is about 1000 m above sea level.

Nasu Safari Park (Japanese Site)

Hours 8:00~17:00
Tel 0287-78-0838
Recommend You will take a trail to see over 700 Arrican animals and birds from 70 species. Enjoy the fantastic self?drive safari tour in your own vehicle!