Soak up some local culture and atmosphere by visiting these nearby attractions, famous meseums, histric sites and nature destinations.

Hours 9:00~18:00?(April-October)?
Tel 0266-77-2019
Recommend The first authentic English garden in Japan with a theme "a rosy life." Rose Flower Show is held in June, in addition to Dahlia Week in September, The Harvest Festival in October and Christmas Week Bazzar. Pre-sale tickets available.
Hours Operations subject to change according to the seasons
Tel 0266-67-2009
Recommend From this aerial tramway, you can see the Japanese Alps (the Hida mountains, the Kiso Mountains and the Akashi Mountains). You can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding during winter months.

Kurumayama Kogen (Japanese Site)

Tel 0266-68-2626
Recommend Get on the ski lift and go up to the top of the highland. Japanese azalea bloom in the late spring, and Nikkokisuge (daylily) cover the highland in the summer.

Nagato Farm (Japanese Site)

Hours 10:00~17:30
Tel 0267-55-6969
Recommend The farm has a 211 ha meadow in Shirakaba highland at 1400 meters above sea level, and raise 200 cows. Sells fresh raw milk and farm-made dairy products that use milk from those pastured cows.
Tel 0266-67-4860
Recommend Located in Oku-tateshina hot spring area. Beautiful red-colored autumn forest from mid to late October. From its observation deck, you will see the city of Kayano and the Central Alps. There is a waterfall called Otome-taki, to which you can approach very closely.
Hours 9:00~16:30
Tel 0267-55-6201
Recommend A natural garden with the area of 169ha located at 1830 meters above sea level. Can be approached by a lift ride from Tateshina farm. There is a 10km walking course that guides you through the entire garden.

Musee Marie Laurencin (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:00~19:00 Open 365 days
Tel 0266-67-2626
Tel The one and only art museum in the world exclusively dedicated to the work of French artist Marie Laurencin.
Hours 9:00~16:00 Open for public
Recommend Located at the junction of Kyu-Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido. Its Kagura-den was built in 1835 (Tempo 6). The famous Onbashira festival is held every 7 years.
Hours 9:00~18:00?(4月~10月)??9:00~17:00?(11月~3月)
Tel 0266-57-2000
Recommend This museum has a collection of glassworks by art deco artist Rene Lalique.
※Try-out classes for glass making as well as glass blowing. Sign up to create your own glass accessories. (Fees apply)
Hours 9:00~18:00?(April-October)
Tel 0266-58-6000
Recommend Permanent display of Art Nouveau glassworks and Modern Japanese paintings.

Yashima Wetland (Japanese Site)

Hours 9:30~16:30
Tel 0266-52-7000
Recommend The wetland is surrounded by various flowers of the semi-alpine variety. Walking through its hiking courese, you can admire the beauty of those blossoms as well as views of red-colored trees in the fall.

Seiko-ji Temple (Japanese Site)

Tel 0266-67-2397
Recommend The closest Sakura-watching spot from our hotel. Because of its high location, blossoms are at their best in early May, around the Golden Week.

Takato-jo-shi Park (Japanese Site)

Tel 0265-78-4111
Recommend Over 1500 Takato-kohigan-zakura, one of Sakura varieties that only grows in this area, come in full bloom from early April till early May. Every year, numerous visitors come to admire their outstanding beauty.

Lake Shirokoma (Japanese Site)

Tel 0267-88-3956
Recommend Located at 2100 meters above sea level among the deep virgin forest of Yatsugatake. Leaves begin turning red in late September.
Hours 9:00~16:30
Tel 0266-68-2212
Recommend Located in the area of Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel. Museum of shadow pictures, cut piece pictures, Bohemian glasses and music boxes.

Manji no Sekibutsu

Recommend Manji Stone Buddha sits amid rice fields by the side of Suwa Taisha Harumiya. Said to be made about 330 years ago. Resemble Moai.

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