Masaru Furukawa, the chief chef of the Italian "Ortivo".

Enter the Italian cuisine way in Kyoto and Osaka, and continue researching at the famous restaurant "Ponte Vecchio" in Osaka. After traveling to home Italy for further training, after returning to Japan he will serve as the chef of "Ponte Vecchio". Appointed as the main chef at the opening of Artura, an Italian restaurant of HVC Arima Rokusai. Appointed as chief chef of “Listlante Ortivo” at the HVC Kyoto Kashiwa Open in 2014.

Furukawa style is the essence of Furukawa's style, with a unique selection of local vegetables and innovative dishes. We hope you will enjoy the memorable "Best Supper" while looking at the four seasons of the azure.

Main dining "Ristorante Ortivo"

The main dining "Ristorante Ortivo" with the meaning of "garden" in Italian.
You can enjoy a variety of Italian dishes that are particular to Kyoto's ingredients, such as vegetables and Kyoto beef that can be harvested at local farms, and Kyoto Kyouki.
In addition, in the chefs kitchen of "Ristrante Ortivo" where you can enjoy a brilliant iron plate in front of the menu, you can try grilled Kyoto vegetables and enjoy a number of sophisticated dishes. There is also a private room where you can dine in a more relaxed atmosphere.

dinner Italian course only 1st time: 17:20 to 2nd time: 19:30 to Reservation system
Western breakfast Full buffet style 7:30 to 10:00 (final entry 9:30) Reservation not required